Михаил Самарский (misha_samarsky) wrote,
Михаил Самарский

So there’s much to look forward to

Dear friends,
People often ask me how I became a writer, when my Muse visits me, so to say, where I take my subjects from, and so on and so forth. Honestly, what sort of writer I am! A real writer, I think, is the one who has written at least a dozen books and he should be at least twenty or even thirty. As for the muses, I’ve never yet come across any. Honestly, I’ve never set eyes on even one. I suppose Muse is not so stupid as to visit a 13-year-old kid when there are so many grown-up, real writers around, right?
Now about my subjects – no secrets or any tricks here. I’m going to disappoint you but, honestly, my books come from eavesdropping and spying. Now don’t think I’m doing it on the sly, that I’m peepholing or anything. I’m just paying attention to what people say and do, it stays in my memory and then I type it into my laptop. Naturally, not all of it later goes into books. Part of it remains in my archive (who knows, it may come in handy later.) If I used all that’s accumulated in my laptop it would be a million-page volume. Who would read a book like that? Still I’ve got piles of exciting stuff in there. So there’s much to look forward to.
So welcome to my site (that’s a bit thick) I mean welcome to my baby-site.


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