February 10th, 2012

"Our man in Moscow" - ))) В далёкой-далёкой Австралии у меня много друзей!!!

Сегодня получил очередное большое письмо от своего друга из Австралии. Календари, диски с фотографиями и видео животных. Столько интересного! А это небольшая заметка в австралийском журнале "Writers Voice ":

Our man in Moscow

Readers may recall the article I wrote about the very talented young author friend of mine in Moscow named Misha Samarsky. Aged just 14 and already more than five novels, his own web site, as well as various blogger sites.

Misha was 13 years old when his first book Rainbow for a Friend was published, a story as told by a guide dog - for which he received an award from the Blind Society.

I thought readers may like to see this photo of him - which he has put up on his blog website - proudly showing the Writers Voice with the article about him, along with Aussie flags and other items that I have sent to Moscow.

Check out Misha's English language personal web page, where he talks about perceptions others have of him as a writer: mishasamarsky.ru/page/en/index
If you can read Russian, his main blog is here: misha-samarsky.livejournal.com

Misha's opinion is eagerly sought after on various Moscow talk shows including an autors' show, and he is widely involved in local community happenings.

He is a great example for young people, especially for aspiring writers.

Trevar Langlands

В этом настенном календаре живут удивительные животные!