February 17th, 2011

Внимание! 18 февраля 2011 г. состоится сеанс одновременной игры с 12-й чемпионкой мира по шахматам!

18 февраля в 10:00, 12-я чемпионка мира по шахматам, Александра Костенюк проводит
сеанс одновременной игры.
Адрес: пер. Вспольный , д. 6. Ст. метро - Баррикадная.


Журналисты-приколисты. Ну и название придумали.. )))

А по мне пусть горшком назовут, лишь бы в печь не сажали. ))))))))


It is Love and Friendship that will Save our World

Internet is a land with no borders or language barriers. It is due to the Internet, that I met a wonderful man, Trevar Langlands who lives in Australia. I would not say my English is perfect; still, I am trying to do my best to write and speak fluent English, that is why I study the language at a specialized school with an advanced study of English.

Trevar regularly sends me photos, videos, articles, and links featuring various aspects of life in the Green Continent. I, in my turn, share my news and developments in my blogs and the Live Journal. My friends in Russia are pleased to read this news and keep on asking me that I continue this interesting narration. It was just recently, that I received a whole package of souvenirs with several copies of newspapers and magazines from my friend in Australia. What I really enjoyed most of all was a flag of Australia. Now, in my room this flag is in the most prominent place, I show it to my friends proudly saying, that it is not that I just bought this flag in a Russian shop but it has been sent to me by my friend from Australia.

Now I made up my mind to gather a collection of the flags from all states. May this collection be a symbol of friendship between people, or just individuals from all the continents. People all over the world should not pay too much attention to the color of the skin or the eye shape. Our civilization has come to such a stage that now we realize: the planet Earth is our common home, with mankind being one large family. Let peace and people agreement rule the world.

Many of my blogger friends from various countries wrote to me to support my idea, and indicated their desire to send me the flags of their countries, counties, states, cities, and other inhabited areas. I would be very much obliged to all who will take part in this initiative. The idea is, that all these flags should not just be purchased as souvenirs, but they should come from the places where they are reckoned to be true value, not just souvenir items. But I will never forget that it is with the flag of Australia that my collection has started! I thank you, Trevar, my friend!

Answering the request of my friend let me tell you a few words about myself. I will turn 15 in August 2011. It so happened, that I had my first book “On a Swing among the Hills” published when I was 13 (a short passage is available here: http://mishasamarsky.ru/art/one/en/9/) The Russian “Agraph” publishing house immediately proposed that I have my book published. It was such an unexpected experience for me; however, it was the decision that had really inspired me. The book “On a Swing among the Hills” has been read by Dmitry Medvedev, the President of Russia. The President gave me a photobook of his own as a present and wished me every creative success. I promised that I would not stop at what I have accomplished.

My next book “Rainbow for a Friend” was written as told from the guide dog’s point of view, Trisong, the Labrador. (passages from the book are available here: http://mishasamarsky.ru/art/one/en/2/) Being a dog, he told about his work, his adventures, and about hard life of blind individuals. The book was highly appreciated by the readers. At present, its additional edition is being prepared. Besides, “Rainbow…” has been taken notice of by well-known political figures of Russia, actors, TV and radio anchormen. Sergey Mironov, the Chairman of the Federation Council of Russia has funded the book edition printed in Braille. We distributed the book free of charge throughout all the Russian schools and libraries for visually impaired. Alexander Plushev, a well-known TV anchor in Russia, recorded an audio version of the book, so that all those visually impaired may listen to the audio book "Rainbow for a Friend."

It was quite recently, that I finished my second book, “Twelve Touches to the Horizon”, which is a continuation of my first one. The message of this book is that it is Love that will save the world. This is what I am absolutely sure of. It is only love and friendship, which makes us genuine people. And people, being genuine, will never be at war or quarrel with each other.

May I address my fellow teenagers in Australia. Dear friends! If you have interesting stories to tell, feel free to write or tell them, just don’t be shy. It may happen that not everything works out fine from the first attempt, and your work may even not be published. Never mind. We have Internet today. If we know more about each other, about different cultures of various nations, know the joys and problems of each other, we are sure to become friends and will love each other. May I wish you all happiness, success, health, and, most importantly, Love!

It is Love that will save and safeguard our planet, our world, and our life.

Yours sincerely,

Misha Samarsky

School No. 1239, Moscow, Russia

My web site: http://mishasamarsky.ru
E-mail: misha@samarsky.ru